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Facts about this girl:

She is...
- a vegetarian
- agnostic
- vain
- [not openly] obsessed with her weight
- apparently an adult
- attending university
- working at superstore
- easily angered, but keeps it inside
- quiet, but seemingly friendly

She loves...
- Christina Aguilera...
- Paris Hilton,& the Olsen twins
- makeup and hair products
- frappucinos
- Harry Potter
- LiveJournal
- F.r.i.e.n.d.s
- manicures and pedicures
- going to the gym

She wishes she could...
- become successful
- meet her idols
- live in LA
- become rich
- fall in true love
- be more open in general
- smile more, for the right reasons

Ignore this if you're on my friends list. X.x; [[27 Feb 2002|06:09pm]]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Hi! All of my journal entries are friends-locked now.

If you want to view my entries, simply add me as a friend, and I'll probably add you back. ^_^ I love to meet new people!

Also, if you were deleted from my friends list recently, that's probably because you didn't reply to an entry I made fairly recently, requesting everyone who wanted to stay on my friends list to reply. It's okay though, just tell me, and I'll add you back. ^_^


Edit, on November 19th, 2002: More people have been deleted. If you would like to be added back, reply to this entry. Inform me if I deleted you by mistake, too.

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